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Acceptable Use Policy

Statement of Purpose

Traviaut is a bot that runs in the background giving you more time to concentrate on the best parts of the game.

Regarding Ultimate Liability

The user is ultimately responsible for individual server security. TRAVIAUT disclaims all liability for server content.
You will be held responsible for any actions performed by your acounts whether it be done by you or by others! If the server security is compromised, the account holder is responsible for any violation of TRAVIAUT Terms of Service (the “TOS”) and this Acceptable Use Policy (the “AUP“) including abuse related issues, and all disconnects and reconnects associated with violations. The following terms constitute an agreement between you and TRAVIAUT. This AUP governs your use of the services provided by TRAVIAUT (the “Services”). BY USING THE SERVICES OF TRAVIAUT YOU SIGNIFY THAT YOU AGREE TO THIS AUP.

Network Misuse

Misuse of the network in any way, including interference, will result in a violation of this AUP. All violations of this AUP shall be subject to review by TRAVIAUT, and an appropriate course of action shall be taken as determined by TRAVIAUT in its sole discretion. Proper use of public network must comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Users assume full liability for all content which is transferred during the usage of our services.


Any type of sabotage, regardless of intention shall be grounds for termination of an account. This includes but is not limited to abuse of the remote system by using it multiple times in a very short amount of time for improper reasons.

Monitoring Policy

TRAVIAUT does not actively monitor the content on its servers.