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Version 20211231.0 released on 31.12.2021

better negative crop supply
tasks collecting works again

Version 20211223.0 released on 23.12.2021

support for new version
training of settlers and chiefs shows remaining time and updated properly

Version 20210427.0 released on 27.04.2021

support for new version (hero attributes)

Version 20210417.0 released on 17.04.2021

fix of troop orders with hero
support for new version (daily rewards, village name)

Version 20210405.0 released on 05.04.2021

update period can be set independently for each village (for example to check for attacks)
fixed costs of some buildings
infinite trading loop fixed

Version 20210222.0 released on 22.02.2021

- support for T4.6
- free version allows Egypt and Hun tribes
- activities are independent from village update, so the update period can be much higher
- hero experience attributes are upgraded even if the weights are zero
- improved building queue
- trade distance limit at merchant offers settings
fix of automatic settling
fix of smithy research

Version 20200921.0 released on 21.09.2020

support for new version
hero revive fix

Version 20200803.0 released on 03.08.2020

support for new version

Version 20200715.0 released on 15.07.2020

auctions fixed
trading and troop orders fixed
support for new version

Version 20200712.0 released on 12.07.2020

trading order can have source village
correct report and message counts
fix of hero experience upgrade

Version 20200701.0 released on 01.07.2020

sending resources for all enabled troop trainings at once
support for new version

Version 20200529.0 released on 29.05.2020

login fix

Version 20200519.0 released on 19.05.2020

- improved error handling
- scheduling of activities is independent from village update
- logout is working again
- upgrade of embassy
- sometimes the troops were not trained

Version 20200511.0 released on 11.05.2020

- better behavior of pages crawling
- troop commands disable orders with invalid target
- main village is detected from resources
- many small improvements

Version 20200126.0 released on 26.01.2020

- adventures
- troops sending

Version 20200114.0 released on 14.01.2020

fix of resources parsing

Version 20191115.0 released on 15.11.2019

login fix

Version 20190914.0 released on 14.09.2019

CREDIT - new version is supported with some limitations:
- troop training in hospital is not implemented
- report and message count is not updated
- hero resources are not used
- logout variability setting
- merchant capacity calculation
- negative crop production was sometimes positive
- rally and wall was not available in the layout

Version 20190703.0 released on 03.07.2019

arabian building names fixed

Version 20190702.0 released on 02.07.2019

- TA supports villages with different tribes
- village defense sends only missing troops up to defined limit
- settlers training
- hero revive fixed
- correct merchant capacity - including trade office and alliance bonus
- hero's mansion upgrading fixed

Version 20190426.0 released on 26.04.2019

- village defense doesn't send twice
- auction sale fixed
- academy and smithy research fixed

Version 20190318.0 released on 18.03.2019

CREDIT - proxy switching
CREDIT Troops - permanent village defense
CREDIT Culture - all village types in auto settling

- troops order travel time is reported

- tribe detection fixed

Version 20190211.0 released on 11.02.2019

TA sometimes didn't work, fixed

Version 20190208.0 released on 08.02.2019

CREDIT - resource priorities can be defined for each village, account or globally
CREDIT Builds - big improvements in layouts
- village layout shows existing buildings, settings of village and global layout in one view
- reset button to reset each building setting

- resources in main village will be upgraded beyond 10 level automatically
- CREDIT - support for waterworks
- totals are not visible if there is just one village

- server speed fixed
- smithy
- hero revive and experience upgrade fixed

Version 20181120.0 released on 20.11.2018

CREDIT - TA keeps loaded data between restarts
CREDIT Builds - better build placement when there are more buildings of the same type
improvements in GUI on smaller resolution screens
- wall was not started
- smithy and academy research

Version 20181029.0 released on 29.10.2018

CREDIT Troops - demolition waves
CREDIT Troops - oases farming
CREDIT Troops - a source village can be specified in the troop order
CREDIT Troops - improved catapult targets
CREDIT Troops - SEND button in orders

Version 20181019.0 released on 19.10.2018

- TA shows only troops of the account tribe
- html parsing fix

Version 20180810.0 released on 10.08.2018

CREDIT Builds - demolisher is userfriendly
CREDIT Builds - starting new building makes it enabled
- proper check for hero in troop orders
- infinite loop in settling
- update of village resets all internal info
- troop training time
- chiefs academy research fixed
and many other fixes

Version 20180307.1 released on 07.03.2018

CREDIT Troops - training in the Great Barracks and Stable
CREDIT Culture - senators/chiefs/... training (experimental)
CREDIT Culture - training in the Command Center
CREDIT Builds - option for field fast upgrade 9 -> 10
CREDIT - copy button in trade and troop orders
- buildings and fields in separate columns
- program exit from the tray menu fixed
- resource at level 10 was sometimes missing in the main village

Version 20180213.1 released on 13.02.2018

CREDIT Culture - autosettling uses the given coordinates as a starting point for search, in this case it doesn't remove the coordinates
- tasks accepting fixed
- settling on arabian servers fixed
- some trades were not sent

Version 20180131.1 released on 31.01.2018

- daily rewards fixed
- automatic settling fixed
- better check for empty trade orders

Version 20180131.0 released on 31.01.2018

CREDIT Troops - troop sending tool
CREDIT Culture - settling can automatically search for a new village (in account settings)
CREDIT Basic - village name change tool - just click on the name
CREDIT Basic - maximal resource level can be defined per account
CREDIT Hero - hero is revived in the original village and resources are sent there
- daily reward is consumed in the first village

Version 20180110.0 released on 10.01.2018

- TA doesn't connect to the proxy server if the license is lost
CREDIT Trading - distance limit in the trading routes
- hero revive settings fix
- proper map size handling

Version 20171008.0 released on 08.10.2017

CREDIT Basic - support for Hun and Egyptian tribes
- proper map size handling

Version 20170816.0 released on 16.08.2017

- fix of coordinates parsing on arabian servers (wrong trading)
- fix in trading routes dialog

Version 20170806.0 released on 06.08.2017

CREDIT Trading - automatic trading
- support for https servers
- faster trading - immediate resource update
- buildings in progress are properly taken into account
CREDIT Smithy - more robust smithy

Version 20170123.0-tap released on 23.01.2017

CREDIT Smithy - smithy research
- croplock is handled properly
- all build contracts are properly parsed
- wall and rally point were not built if it was the only possibility
- merchant runs when all villages are loaded
- celebrations check the warehouse capacity
- trooper first check the existing queue length
- reports reading fixed
- academy progress detection fixed

Version 20161021.0-tap released on 21.10.2016

- hero experience points upgrade supports regeneration bonus
- hero handling in new T4.4 fixed
- troops training in TA Plus fixed

Version 20161006.0-tap released on 06.10.2016

- improved manual trader in TA Gold
- settings for troop training queues - length of the queue and amount of troops to train
- merchants can be used to balance resources by market offers

Version 20160831.0-tap released on 31.08.2016

- hero health detection fixed in new travian version

Version 20160804.0-tap released on 04.08.2016

new features:
- (TA Plus) - UA can be set per account
- (TA Plus) - UA can be generated automatically for each account
- main building is made first if it is destroyed to zero
- timer for troops
- support for Travian Rise of Aliances
- building upgrade is skipped when there is not enough capacity in the warehouse

Version 20160705.0-tap released on 05.07.2016

new features:
- timer for celebrations
- (TA Gold) - reports reader - TA can read reports and messages from time to time
- fixed trading in the new travian version
- tasks were accepted even if the global "working" switch was off
- fixed infinite loop in resources overflow tool

Version 20160517.0-tap released on 17.05.2016

- fixes for troops, celebrations and demolishing in updated travian
- ANY celebs gets resources for SMALL if the townhall level is less than 10

Version 20160510.0-tap released on 10.05.2016

new features:
- (TA Gold) - avoiding overflow in the warehouse or granary by distributing the resources to surrounding villages
- fixed parsing of "tasks in progress" in the new travian version
- dialogs should not fill the whole screen height
- merchants arrival time is immediately reported in the target village
- troop training asks for the exact amount of resources
- setting for capacity reserve was not used at all

Version 20160222.0-tap released on 22.02.2016

VF support removed
- failed to load all accounts when the update period was short
- check if there was 10 adventures - gold exchange and auctions fix
- hero revival works when there is enough resources
- settlers are made in palace and residence also on higher levels
- system message proper parsing
- another fix of corrupted settings file

Version 20151212.0-tap released on 12.12.2015

- TA didn't make settlers even when there were enough resources, fixed

Version 20151209.0-tap released on 09.12.2015

- infinite loop when there are no items to sell
- settling of occupied space

Version 20151206.0-tap released on 06.12.2015

new features (TA Gold):
- hero settings per account
- quest task accepting

- academy research for all tribes

Version 20151201.0-tap released on 01.12.2015

new features (TA Gold):
- predefined trading routes
- celebrations preference
- automatic silver to gold exchange
- automatic selling on auctions

changes and fixes:
- settlers can be made in palace
- fixed building dependencies (warehouse, granary, palace, residence)
- it was possible that hero wouldn't go to adventure - fixed
- trading will happen when there is at least one resource with higher amount

Version 20151123.0-tap released on 23.11.2015

new features:
- (TA plus) - academy research - TA will research troops automatically
- trading can be limited by distance to avoid long routes
- TA keeps the crop production high enough correctly now

Version 20150913.0-tap released on 13.09.2015

new features:
- TA can settle new village automatically, just set coordinates in the account settings (icon in the account header)
- option to make settlers in a new village by default
- better check if the crop production is low - TA will use the "negative crop" priority for crop fields if production is lower than 30 per hour
- fixes in demolisher
- TA shouldn't lose any settings anymore

Version 20150724.0-tap released on 24.07.2015

new features:
- setting for crop factor - you can set optimal ratio between crop and other resources
- TA+ key was sometimes removed when you changed the IP address, now there is still 10 minutes timeout, but the key should keep untouched

Version 20150617.0-tap released on 17.06.2015

new features:
- enabled resource priority settings in free version
- travian version parsing

Version 20150128.1-tap released on 28.01.2015

- hero infinite cycle when health is low
- demolisher should work now

Version 20150128.0-tap released on 28.01.2015

new features:
- demolisher - just set building ID and it will be destroyed
- hero adventure and exp points are detected immediately
- infinite cycle when hero had exp points
- parsing of VilloFetch settings
- troop names
- wall priority wasn't used

Version 20141011.0-tap released on 11.10.2014

new features:
- automatic assigning of hero experience points
- logout periods

Version 20141007.0-tap released on 07.10.2014

new features:
- faster scroll with mouse wheel
- TA checks for new version
- small celeb is executed if there is not enough resources for the great celeb
- celebrations - reported time fixed
- pausing didn't work when TA was closed when already paused
- GlobalTrader works again
- fixed problem with constructing new wall when tribe wasn't detected yet

Version 20140731.0-tap released on 31.07.2014

- first version of TA+

Version 20131121.0 released on 21.11.2013

- fixed birthday version detection
- fixed crash while opening build menu

Version 20131119.0 released on 19.11.2013

- better building upgrade scheduling
- smithy caused problems on classic servers

Version 20130925.0 released on 25.09.2013

- TA supports only 20 accounts at a time
- support for new T4.2 versions
- fixed infinite refresh in some circumstances
- lot of other fixes, improvements

Version 20130802.1 released on 02.08.2013

- improved error handling - network timeout, nonexist acc, captcha, ...
- fixed scheduling - lowest time first
- improved handling of accounts
- connect button removed

Version 20130802.0 released on 02.08.2013

- T4.0 - trading fix

Version 20130801.0 released on 01.08.2013

- fixed T4.x version detection
- fixed crash on village name parsing
- loaded accounts and villages reuse
- slower refresh of dorf2, better refresh scheduling

Version 20130730.0 released on 30.07.2013

- support for new version - T42a
- improved refresh - slow dorf2, no refresh after upgrading
- improved trader error handling
- fixed - TA process exit
- non-latin characters parsing
- fixed build schedule - 2 buildings only for Romans

Version 20130412.0 released on 12.04.2013

- memory overflow
- master builder issues - upgrading with MB, parsing error when MB active
- trading issues when trade office not present
- better handling of wrong login name/password

Version 20130407.1 released on 07.04.2013

- T4.2 support for more villages

Version 20130407.0 released on 07.04.2013

- fixed support for Travian 4.2

Version 20130406.0 released on 06.04.2013

- support for Travian 4.2
- fix - skipping system messages
- fix - correct resource marked during upgrading

Version 20120719.0 released on 19.07.2012

- fix - T4 parsing in builder

Version 20120717.1 released on 17.07.2012

- fix - T36 wall is available again

Version 20120717.0 released on 17.07.2012

- fix - max treasury capacity set to 20 for T4
- fix - correct smithy price for T4

Version 20120701.0 released on 01.07.2012

- support for Travian 4, finally
- configurable trade limit
- lot of fixes - page loads reduced, granary capacity check, login issues